Workspace + groups

What is obvious editor?

Obvious editor is immediate collaborative editing.

What is the workspace?

The WORKSPACE has nooks + crannies where you can seek constructive advice and critique, in public discussions or in private groups. Our editors are active here, and sometimes the best tips come from a fellow writer.

I just want to see what’s going on

You got it. Click on ‘All posts’ in the top strip.

I just want to see my conversations

Sure. Click on ‘My feed’ in the top strip.

It’s asking me to log in

To add to any conversation, you need to log in. This log-in is with Muut, an excellent commenting service. If you already have a Muut username and password, just sign in. Otherwise join Muut here for free.

I want to work in private

No problem. You can form your own group(s) in the private messages section.

What is a group?

A GROUP consists of you, one or two obvious editors that you choose to invite, and maybe a friend or co-worker or collaborator or advisor. Or all of these, if you choose to invite them.

How do I form a group?

You send a private MESSAGE to everyone in your new group, all at once, inviting them to participate (and telling them why).

Where can I find MESSAGES?

In the bottom right corner of the WORKSPACE, click on the button that says MESSAGES. Or try clicking this link.

OE doesn’t recognize one of my group members

Ask this friend of yours to register and establish a username. It’s free for helpers. Then send her a message from the group, to her username.

Why would I form a group?

Maybe you would like to go in depth on a discussion, or get heavy advice on a project, but you do not want the discussion in the public eye.

I get that

Yeah, we do too.