How obvious editors can help you:

  1. editors answer questions + critique snippets in the public WORKSPACE
  2. editors fortify the groups forming in private MESSAGES (see the bottom corner in the workspace)
  3. editors collaborate with you and your editing buddies in your private GOOGLE DOCS

Add one or two (or 3) obvious editors to your private MESSAGE group or your GOOGLE DOC:

  • critic@obviouseditor.com
  • essayist@obviouseditor.com
  • journalist@obviouseditor.com

Ghostwriter . . . Poetry . . . Correspondent . . . Scientist . . . Novelist . . . Storyeditor@obviouseditor.com

In private MESSAGES, simply add us by our username or title (e.g., ‘critic’). In GOOGLE DOCS, invite us by our email address (e.g., ‘critic@obviouseditor.com’).