Google docs

Obvious editors prefer to collaborate in Google docs.

First time (tour)

Getting started

You will need a GMail account. You probably already have one. Start a new blank document, or choose a template to help you get started. See the big blue ‘Share’ button in the top right corner?

You can invite obvious editors (and friends or colleagues) to view, comment on, or edit the document with you at any time.

Grant permissions carefully.

  • Invite editor(s): e.g., ‘’
  • Invite to “comment” generally
  • Then edits appear as ‘suggestions’
  • You accept or reject the suggestions


  • Invite to “edit”
  • Then editors make direct changes
  • Don’t worry — you can always look at past versions
  • (File > Version History > See version history)

Or “read only”:

  • If you want your mom to read your dissertation
  • She won’t be able to make any edits

You can use the ‘Advanced’ settings to prevent your invited editors and friends from adding other people, and you can revoke access to others at any time.

You can find your documents by using the file picker to browse any folders you have set up in Google Drive.

The box that appears includes ‘My Drive’ and ‘Shared with Me’.

Search for documents you’ve created, and any that have been shared with you, in the search box at the top of the Google Doc homepage.