Obvious editor

What we do

Immediate collaborative editing.

Why do I need an editor?

Even Hemingway needed a good editor.

Why collaborative?

Because three ( ) heads are better than one. And ideas get better when they bounce.

Who uses obvious editor?

Anyone who writes: in high school, college, grad school, at work, at play, in the real world.

Why should I join obvious editor?

Because you want to write well. Because you want good grades, or a good eval at work. Because you need and crave immediate collaborative editing.

How does it work?

Anyone who writes can engage the obvious editors in three different types of fast collaborative real-time editing (see below). We are sort of on-retainer and on-call and actively engaged all at once; that’s the best way to describe it.


A writer (like, you) works on stuff, and might like some help, or camaraderie, or collaboration.


Obvious editors answer your questions + critique snippets of your writing. Invite one or more of our editors into the group(s) you form in your private MESSAGES (see the bottom corner in the WORKSPACE), or request direct editing of your evolving GOOGLE DOCS.

[ 1 ] Workspace

The WORKSPACE has nooks + crannies where you can seek constructive advice and critique, in public or in private. Our editors are active here, and sometimes the best tips come from a fellow writer. Log in to join the conversation (your log-in is with Muut; maybe you are already a free member). See our visual guide.

[ 2 ] Groups / Messaging

Click on the ‘Messages’ button at the bottom of the WORKSPACE. Form a GROUP around a topic or paper or project by inviting an obvious editor or two into a private MESSAGE. Your groups can include a friend, or co-worker, or advisor as well. Your conversation is only visible to the members of your group. See our visual guide.

[ 3 ] Google docs

One or more of the obvious editors will join you to edit your GOOGLE DOCS. You can also invite a friend or family member or mentor. They’re your documents.


In this BLOG we talk about words, particularly words that are commonly misconstrued or improperly stressed.


Writing programs, colleges, universities, opportunities at home and abroad, that sort of thing. The MARKETPLACE is full screen, very colorful, and highly visual.

What’s unique about obvious editor?

Well, we edit right away, we edit well, and we are collaborative.

What’s so great about obvious editing?

It’s effective, it’s collaborative, and it’s happening now.

What’s your story?

I just told you.

Why should I join obvious editor?

Because you want to write well. Because you want to exceed expectations. Because you need and crave immediate collaborative editing.

Should I subscribe?

Obvious editor is free if you were invited to help out a writer friend. We ask that students and writers SUBSCRIBE (monthly or yearly).

Why should I subscribe?

So that we can hire, feed, water, preen and otherwise support our top-notch editors, who are on-retainer and on-call and actively engaged all the time, for you.

Sliding scale

Obvious editor subscriptions run on an honor system. Please pay what you can afford.


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